How to make a BUDGET Home Music Studio from scratch!

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If you’ve wanted to make a home music studio, then you’ve probably heard that little voice in your head saying this-

“Look at all those famous people…they have such a cool home studio! I wish I could have one; but, all that equipment—it looks SO expensive, and you have no clue what those sophisticated looking things do!” Haha… you’re wrong. First of all, a home studio doesn’t have to be expensive, most of what you’ll need is very minimal.

So here are all the things you’ll need for making a simple home music studio.

  1. DAW

You must be thinking “What in the world is a DAW?” a DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation! This is where the song is created. It’s an audio-editing software where you can import vocal and instrument tracks and layer them on top of each other to create music. Here are a few DAWs that you can download or purchase-

-FL Studio [Free Trial and Paid] (Mac and Windows)

-Ableton Live [Free Trial and Paid] (Mac and Windows]

Cakewalk by BandLab (Paid, Windows only)

GarageBand (Free, Mac only)

Logic Pro X [Free Trial and Paid]

BandLab (Free, Mac and Windows)

2. MIDI Keyboard

A MIDI keyboard is a keyboard that doesn’t produce any sound on its own. So why is it so important if it doesn’t produce any sound alone? Well, you can customise the sound it makes when you plug it into your computer using your DAW! If you have selected a Bass Synth on your DAW, the MIDI keyboard will play it. Here are some MIDI keyboards you can buy!

Worlde 25 Key USB Portable Tuna Mini MIDI Keyboard

Alesis V49 

Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII 

Arturia Keylab 49

Fun Fact: You can use the keys on your computer to play an instrument instead of using your MIDI keyboard!

3. Microphone

A microphone is very important. Although, it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. If you’re starting out making music, you can buy a cheap microphone or use the mic from a headset or earphones. Here are a few microphones that are cheap and make your voice sound clear. They can range from about $40 to $135.

Make sure you have a pop filter connected to your mic. They are useful in shielding spit and popping sounds from your mouth.

Samson Go Mic

-Blue Yeti USB

-Shure SM57

Shure PGA48-LC

4. Audio Interface

An audio interface is used as a “connector” to connect your microphone to your computer. You simply attach the microphone to the audio interface and connect the audio interface to the computer. Here are some audio interfaces you can buy!

U-Phoria UM2

Focusrite Scarlet 18i8 (3rd Gen)

5. Headphones and Speakers

Headphones and speakers (Also known as studio monitors) are very helpful in listening to your music well. You don’t need anything expensive, because most people who listen to your music usually use pretty cheap earphones or headphones. But if you want to make sure that everything is sounding good and clear, I recommend buying them. Headphones are also VITAL for recording vocals as you might get loud and ear-bleeding feedback sounds (seriously, they sound like rats squeaking and WILL interrupt your recording.)

Any headphone will work well, including gaming headphones.

6. Instruments

Make sure you use instruments that you know how to play if not, that’s okay! You can always use loops or find a preset similar to the instrument you want to play on your DAW, and play it using your MIDI keyboard. Also, it’s best to connect your instruments to your computer instead of recording them using the mic as it may capture unnecessary sounds like your hand playing the strings or pressing the notes.

So I would recommend an acoustic (that can connect to your computer) and/or electric guitar.


And that’s all you need. Enjoy your music-making!

Arya is an avid learner and loves to write. He likes to take on new interesting topics through in-depth research. Arya is also a trained singer, video editor, voice-over artist and loves photography.  

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