How is paper made from wood?

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Did you know that paper is made from wood? Yeah! It’s true.


Trees such as Pine, Larch, Fir are cut and the bark is removed. Then, the wood is cut into tiny pieces and boiled into a white juice called ‘pulp.’

The pulp is then laid on a flat container and dried and mixed with chemicals to form what we call- ‘paper.’ Those chemicals are mostly caustic soda and sodium sulfide which converts the wood into pulp.

There are different types of paper. Depending on how thick the layer of pulp is, a thin layer makes tissue paper and a fat layer of pulp makes cardstock.
So when you are gonna waste a sheet of paper think about all the trees cut to make your handy rectangular white sheets.

Different uses of paper

Paper is used for writing and printing. Other forms of paper are Tissue Paper, Cards, Toilet Paper, Cardboard, Wipes, Books, etc.

Who invented paper?

Paper was invented at around 100 B.C in China by someone called Ts’ai (Cai) Lun was the first to invent paper in the Tang Dynasty.

Which country uses the most paper?

The Chinese are not just the inventors of paper but also the largest consumers in the world.  Chinese consume the most amount of paper in the world, using over 103 metric tons annually.

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