Did you know why some animals have eyes that shine in the dark?

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Have you ever walked down an alley or gone out alone in the woods? If so, did you see two bright orbs looking directly at you? Well then don’t run. It could be as harmless as a cat. But have you ever wondered why animals’ eyes glow?

It’s because of the parts in their eyes! Their eyes just like ours have a layer called retina and behind that, there is another layer called “photoreceptors.” They detect and send light signals to the brain, but whatever light doesn’t hit the photoreceptors, remains undetected.

There is another layer of tissue called “tapetum lucidum” that gathers that undetected light and reflects it back to the photoreceptors mirroring the light from the source creating a glowing effect.

Most animals that see better at night or display nocturnal behaviors have the tapetum lucidum crystals in their eyes to reflect light.

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