So what’s it with North Korea and the USA?

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Did you ever disagree even after agreeing on something? What would you do? When two countries have this issue they call an armistice which means that they agree to cease the war and stop fighting.

The war between North Korea and the United States of America is a great example of this circumstance.

On 25 June 1950, soon after the Second World War, North Korea, with the help of the Soviet Union invaded the South. The United States, on behalf of the United Nations, joined the war in support of South Koreans. North Korea also had the support of China.

Following China’s support to North Korea, The stalemate ensued for the final two years of the conflict.
Thousands of people lost their lives on both sides due to this war.

Although the war ended in 1953, with an armistice agreement, the bitterness continues.

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