How and when to use ‘Say’ and ‘Tell’ in English?

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A lot of people get confused about using the words “said” and  “told” or “say” and “tell”. Here’s the way to understand how and when it is used.

When you report something you use the word say for example-

Ms. Miller said she’d be coming soon from work.
Aubrey said that she will be in the studio at five.

But when you want to say something to somebody you add the word “to” to it.


Sophia said to me she would be buying me an ice-cream
Andy said to Jamie he has to go home to study and feed his cat.

But, the word told is more commonly used in a casual conversation other than said to.

It is used in the same way as said to except it’s more casual whereas said to is more formal.


Mom told me I have to eat healthy food.
My sister told me we have to play in the park.
Aunt Stacy told me she would be coming over today.

Now you know when to use said, said to and told.



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