What if mosquitoes went extinct?

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Ah, mosquitoes the blood-sucking pesky critters than can ruin our day…

Did you know that only female mosquitoes actually bite you? Male mosquitoes feed on plants and flowers. The female mosquitoes have to lay thousands of eggs, they bite us as they need a lot of amino acids and proteins to multiply and the human body is a rich source for both of them.

There are around 3,500 species of mosquitoes in the whole world! And only 200 mosquitoes are blood-sucking! To name a few- Anopheles, Culex Pipiens, Asian Tiger Mosquito and the Yellow Fever Mosquito. All of them lay their eggs in the water.

What if all mosquitoes in the world suddenly become extinct?

Swarm of Mosquitoes

We would probably be having a party, right?

Maybe…or maybe not. Did you know that mosquitoes (male and female) are actually beneficial to the ecosystem? The larvae of the mosquitoes are very important for the aquatic ecosystem. Mosquitoes are food for other animals like the dragonfly, frogs, fish, lizards, etc. If we remove a food source for these creatures, it can upset their population especially in the Arctic region and create a ripple effect throughout the food chain. 

So, not worth it!



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