How To Minecraft?

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Minecraft is a blocky video game available on PC, Xbox, IOS and Android.

It’s a game about surviving, building combat skills and mechanics. You start with a brand new “world”.

You have to survive by making a base and grabbing food and such. But there are things called achievements. You can do them by accomplishing a certain thing. The most common achievements are “Getting Wood” and “Taking Inventory”.

Speaking of inventory you have one too! Think of it as your backpack. There are thirty-six slots in your inventory and it’s a little hard to run out of space. So this is what you do.

You gather wood make a— wait…how? You craft! It’s right there in the name! By crafting you can make many such things but how do you do that, you might ask? You open your inventory and you will see a 2×2 crafting grid you can use to craft things. So you collect the logs and by putting them in your crafting grid you can turn them into planks! By clicking on a green book, you will see all the things you can make at the moment! So you can make sticks too!

But don’t you think that the space for the crafting grid is a little too restricted? So, you make a crafting table! You do this by simply places four wooden planks, filling up the grid and voila! By placing this down you can create tools such as a wooden axe, pickaxe, sword, shovel, and hoe.

By using pickaxes and axes you can chop wood and stone more efficiently the same as a shovel. But by using a hoe you can till the dirt around and make farmland and by using seeds you can farm!

Now, this may make you feel bad but remember it’s all about surviving, you have to go around the world and kill animals for food. It is recommended to kill cows as the beef that they drop gives you more hunger points if cooked using a furnace.

You can live in a village, a cave or just make your own house! It’s your imagination and your decision! But whatever you are doing make sure you finish it and at least craft a bed using three sheep’s wool and planks.

Because at night monsters and other hostile mobs will spawn and try to kill you. Some do a lot of damage and some don’t.

Okay now that you have that out of the way, you can finally mine! You can go deep down and look for gold, and diamonds or you do some surface mining! It is recommended to have your mine inside your base so that it is easily accessible and can save the coordinates for a cave or ravine you want to go to and check it out later!

You can play with friends, or alone or play on a server with a bunch of random people! Now that we have those out, how do you even FINISH the game? Well, it’s simple… you can’t. The game is designed to have no ending line. You can continue what you do forever.

HOWEVER…you can say you “completed” the game by killing a boss mob called the “Ender-Dragon”  you can find it using an “Eye of Ender” which can be crafted using an Ender Pearl and a Blaze Rod.

Have you ever seen a black long and slender mob picking up blocks? If so you found the EnderMan. This mob can teleport and is afraid of water. If you look at it, it will attack you. If this shy-hostile mob gets killed by you it will probably drop an ender pearl. You can fight the Ender Dragon in a dimension called the End. You can enter the dimension by entering a portal.

This portal can be found in “strong-holds” They are located by tossing an Eye of Ender and following it. If it lands on the floor you dig down. And will see a portal with some eyes of enders on top of some parts of it. If you fill them up, the portal will open. To fight the dragon you will need-

Full diamond armor

A diamond sword

A bow


Ender Pearls

Ender Chest

Water Bucket etc.

You will be on an obsidian platform and will have to enter the base via an ender pearl or placing blocks and bridging across.

Then you will want to shoot things called end-crystals as the dragon can regenerate using them and to defeat it, we don’t want that. Then you want to shoot the ender dragon until it dies, HURRAY! You have killed the ender dragon, but before leaving you would want to check out an “end city”. You can enter it by jumping into a portal.

If you find a sailing ship floating away, you HAVE to visit it as it contains something called “elytra” which is a pair of wings you can use to fly and glide. And you did it! You killed the ender dragon successfully and can say you finished the game!

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-By Arya Reddy

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